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Tesla announced Full Self-Driving option price ‘substantially’ on May 1

Earlier this full week, Elon Musk claimed that Tesla automobiles are actually ‘appreciating assets’ because of their self-driving capability.

“Please note that the price of the Tesla Full Self-Driving option will increase substantially over time.”

He aims for Tesla automobiles to be revenue-generating assets because of their owners, if the cost doesn’t increase, the worthiness would still depreciate since new buyers could choose the vehicles for the MSRP still.
He said that it’ll increase by “something similar to” $3,000, which would put the price tag on the bundle to around $8,000.

The purchase price increase comes as Tesla is introducing its new full self-traveling computer, which entered production earlier this complete month.

It’s unclear if new cars are getting the brand new computer still.

Tesla won’t confirm it, however, the automaker even now says that it’ll offer pc retrofits to all or any owners who bought the entire Self-Driving choice, which Musk says increase in price the following month.

Musk says that they can begin those retrofits “in a couple of months”:
Previously this week, Musk says that Tesla’s fresh FSD computer is being used at 5% capability with the existing Autopilot software in comparison to ~80% for the prior computer generation.

Overall of those other full year, Tesla is likely to release a lot more advanced software updates that use even more compute power from the new computer – resulting in fully self-driving capability by the finish of the entire year, according to Tesla.

The purchase price increase of the package should come after Tesla will demonstrate its most recent self-traveling technology at an investor meeting on April 22.


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