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401,000 Customers sued Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s unit in the United States has settled a lawsuit brought by a man whose car was equipped with software that concealed excess diesel emissions. The case would have been the first involving the automaker’s emissions scandal to go to trial in 2017.

The manipulations of Volksvagen in the emission values of motor vehicles have caused great controversy, and the company was sentenced to heavy fines with the rise of this scandal and signed a very serious agreement. On behalf of consumers, the German Consumer Lawyers Association (VZBV), who is the party to the lawsuit, filed a lawsuit on behalf of about 401 thousand vehicle owners and asked them to cover their clients’ losses. According to the statement made by the union, the targets were affected by the exhaust scandal and the damage suffered by the diesel vehicle drivers were declared to be covered. President of the Union Klaus Müller said they followed the case free of charge and called on the damaged vehicle owners to intervene in the case.

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Nearly all American owners of affected cars agreed to take part in a $25 billion settlement in 2016 that addressed claims from them, environmental regulators, states and dealers. The settlement included buyback offers and additional compensation for about 500,000 owners.

About 2,000 owners, however, opted out and most are pursuing court claims seeking additional compensation.


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