Geely FY11 SUV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- The patent images of Geely’s all-new SUV code-named FY11 were released from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in recent days. Unlike the fuel-burning version reported previously, the new FY11 SUV is a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle).

Geely FY11 coupe SUV PHEV, Geely new SUV models, China automotive news

According to the patent images, the Geely FY11 PHEV still adopts an iconic ripple-shaped intake grille with Geely’s logo sitting in the exact middle. Black elements are largely used under the main intake grille, which highlights the vehicle’s sporty genes.

The body sides feature a fastback design decorated with a lot of chrome elements, no wonder the automaker positions it as a “coupe” SUV.

Geely FY11 coupe SUV PHEV, Geely new SUV models, China automotive news

The rear end looks quite neat. The “GEELY” badge exists in the middle of a pulling-through chrome trim. Two single exhaust pipes are symmetrically arranged on the both sides. Different from the gasoline version, the FY11 PHEV has a charging port at the rear of the left front wing and an additional badge of “400H”.

The Geely F11 SUV measures 4,605mm in length, 1,878mm in width and 1,643mm in height. Wheelbase for the new model is 2,700mm.

The new model is likely to carry the ACC (adaptive cruise control), panoramic sunroof, matrix LED headlights as well as four types of rims.

Interestingly, the MIIT official website reveals that there are 7 potential names for the FY11PHEV—Fengyue, Geyue, Haoyue, Jinyue, Xingyue and Zhiyue.

The Geely FY11 will be powered by a plug-in hybrid system consisting of an electric motor, a ternary-lithium battery and a 1.5L turbocharged engine pumping out 177hp and 255 N·m of peak torque. The fuel consumption reported to the MIIT is 1.2L/100km. 

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