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Plug Power 30 kW ProGen introduced the fuel cell system

The ProGen 30kW engine provides a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of today’s electric vehicle (EV) use-case, including high utilization, extended runtimes, reliable performance in harsh environments, rapid fueling, and zero emissions.

Delivery vans and light/medium duty cargo box trucks are some of the leading applications for the 30KW ProGen hydrogen engine.

Delivery of the first commercial orders for this product are scheduled in July 2019 to European and Asian on-road e-mobility applications. The modular pre-engineered ProGen engines allow OEMs to rapidly convert commercial fleet vehicles to zero emission powertrains, reduce time to market, and benefit from the ProGen volume leverage in the overall market.

The complete 30kW ProGen engine solution contains the fuel cell stack, required balance of plant, dc/dc converter, and cooling.

According to KPMG’s 2018 Global Automotive Executive Survey, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles have replaced battery electric vehicles as the no. 1 key trend in the automotive industry until 2025.


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