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Xiaomi is back with new 50 mile e-bike

Xiaomi is way better known for its wide variety of electronics items, including from smartphones to floor cleaners. this past year the company’s first pint-sized electric bicycle, Xiaomi is back again with a larger and better model for 2019.
Xiaomi’s new electric bicycle is being marketed less than its HIMO sub-brand. The HIMO C20 may be the latest e-bike made by the business and falls into the ultra-budget e-bike category.

But despite on offer at a minimal price of around $375, the HIMO C20 electric bicycle packs in a number of extra features normally entirely on higher priced e-bikes.

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The HIMO C20 is powered by a 250 W rear hub engine and reaches a high speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). That should keep it street legal almost everywhere in the world. While the US offers higher velocity and power limitations for electric bikes, other areas including a lot of Europe and Asia possess stricter limits.
The electric battery on the HIMO C20 is a 36V 10Ah removable pack that delivers 360 Wh of energy. Xiaomi claims the bicycle can are as long as 80 km (50 mi) about the same charge when working with pedal assist. The charge is painfully sluggish though at 6 hours. But hey, just how much can you require in a $375 e-bike?

The 20″ front and rear wheels sport disk brakes – not rim brakes. You of program can’t obtain hydraulic brakes as of this price, however, the mechanical disc brakes tend adequate for stops from 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

The aluminum-frame helps donate to the full total weight of 21 kg (46 lb) – relatively light for a power bike.

While there’s nothing at all shocking in the overall performance specs, the excess features included on the bicycle are very nice for the purchase price.

There’s an air mattress pump hidden in the bike’s seat tube. If you ever have to pump your wheels or swap a tube, you just take away the seat and utilize the hidden pump.

The glossy LED display is quite nice looking actually. I’d argue that it could rival a few of the nicer shows from larger businesses like Bosch, at least on appearance. You still only get basic display information like speed, distance, battery capability, and pedal aid level. There are no watt meters or choices for other elegant data.
Front and back LED lamps are also included, and they elope the primary e-bike battery. Which means riders won’t need to constantly be concerned about keeping extra AAA batteries around.

These specs are improvements more than Xiaomi’s last electric bicycle. The HIMO V1 experienced a lesser capacity 216 Wh electric battery, smaller tires and only 1 brake. But also for $261, it had been an excellent start for the company.

Now with the brand new HIMO C20 electric bike, Xiaomi has stepped up its video game to produce a much more serious commuter e-bike even though still keeping the purchase price low. It’s already on the market domestically but is usually harder to find beyond China, however. The e-bicycle is outlined on sites like AliExpress with worldwide shipping options, however the cost is jacked up because of the lower supply.


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