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Norway Electric Car Sales Report In January 2019

Leaf starts in the lead

PEV Sales were up a solid 27% in January, to 4.699 units, despite the PHEV slump (-17%), but thanks to the BEV brilliant performance (3.401 units, +60% YoY), things are looking good, leading to a large BEV (38%) and PEV (52%) shares, and this is still without the Tesla Model 3 volume deliveries, when it does land numbers will be even more outlandish, possibly even reaching 80% share!
In this context, seeing Norway get some 80% PEV share, with peak months possibly reaching 90%, should be possible, effectively meaning Game Over for ICE in this market.
The fuels mix now shows BEVs well above everyone else (38% share), followed by gasoline (19%) and diesel (17%), while PHEVs (14%) and HEVs (11%) are both down 17% YoY, as their sales are too are being absorbed by the BEV black hole effect.

NrEV ModelJanuary 2019 EV Sales Report in Norway
1Nissan Leaf67314,3
2VW e-Golf66614,2
3BMW i361913,2
4Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV4158,8
5Hyundai Ioniq EV347
6Hyundai Kona EV3256,9
7Volvo XC60 PHEV2345,0
8Renault Zoe1553,3
9Tesla Model X1503,2
10BMW 225xe Active Tourier1382,9
11Volvo S/V90 PHEV1022,2
12Kia Soul EV861,8
13VW e-up801,7
14Jaguar I-Pace791,7
15Mini Countryman PHEV691,5
16VW Golf GTE481,0
17Opel Ampera-e481,0
18Kia Niro PHEV471,0
19Volvo XC90 PHEV461,0
20BMW 530e370,8

Looking at the 2019 ranking, there aren’t significant news on top, with the Nissan Leaf starting 2019 where it ended 2018, in the lead, but this time the VW e-Golf and BMW i3 are much closer, so the race for the runner-up spot should be interesting.
Interestingly, there are 7 BEVs in the Top 9 spots, which says a lot on where the market is going…
Elsewhere, the Korean nameplates started the year with a strong pace, with the Hyundai Ioniq Electric in #5, with 347 units, while its younger sibling Kona EV was #6, with a record 325 units, and even the runnout-mode Kia Soul EV was #12 in January, while the #18 Kia Niro PHEV made a quartet of Korean models on the Top 20.
Proof of the BEV mommentum is the Jaguar i-Pace reaching #14, thanks to 79 units, while another long range BEV, the Opel Ampera-e, returned to the Top 20, in #16, but the most surprising return was the VW e-Up!, that started the year in #13, thanks to 80 deliveries. What a price reduction can do to a model career…
In the manufacturers ranking, BMW started in the lead (18%), being closely followed by Volkswagen (17%), while the 2018 winner Nissan was down to Third, with 15% share, with a short 10 units lead over the #4 Hyundai.

Models breakdown by Fuel Source

The plug-in market continues to merge with the mainstream, breaking down sales by fuel source, we have three BEVs in the podium, followed a balanced mix of plugins, with 3 BEVs and 2 PHEVs, but the telling story is that the Best Selling HEV (Toyota C-HR) was only #8, with the remaining Top 10 hybrids (Toyota RAV4 and Yaris) ending behind it.
With regular ICE models (again) wiped out from the Top 10, and the Best Selling HEV only #8, will we see a 100% plug-in Top 10 soon? Let’s say…March? 
We just need to add the Tesla models…

Source: Ev-sales


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