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Mercedes-Benz eCitaro Starts Operation in Berlin

Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) has received the first out of 15 ordered all-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro buses.

The German manufacturer already delivered eCitaro to several cities, but it seems that the initial roll-out progress slowly without big orders, often seen in some other European countries. It could be a similar case as with plug-in car market, which takes off slowly but once it gets traction, could be one of the biggest.

The other thing is that Mercedes-Benz eCitaro currently is equipped with batteries of 243 kWh, which is enough only for 150 km (93 miles) in the SORT2 test cycle, while transport agencies often would like to get 2-3 times higher range.

Mercedes-Benz eCitaro specs:

  • electric portal axle ZF AVE 130 with electric motors at the wheel hubs. The peak output of the motors is 2 x 125 kW, while torque is 2 x 485 Nm
  • up to 243 kWh battery for 150 km (93 miles) of range in SORT2 test cycle (250 km / 155 miles at best)
  • weight of 13.44 tonnes. As the gross vehicle weight is 19.5 tonnes, this corresponds to a payload of more than six tonnes or around 88 passengers

Source: insideevs


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