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This is an electric hydrofoil bike and awesome!

Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 specs

  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • Carbon fiber propellers and hydrofoils
  • 400-watt motor
  • Detachable battery pack for easy recharging
  • Claimed battery life up to 80 minutes
  • Speed: 15-20 kph / 9-12 mph
  • Weight: 19.9kg / 44lbs
  • Recommended rider weight: 70-100kg / 154-220lbs

Just like them or hate all of them, electric bikes have become very popular. E- bicycles possess entered every genre of biking: road, mountain, hybrids, actually cargo and folding bikes. Now, the electrical trend is making its method onto the drinking water with all the Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1.

The Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 has a 400 watt electric motor

Manta5’s Hydrofoiler XE-1 is a hydrofoil e- bicycle that floats on water and is driven by a rider’s legs and a 400-watt electric engine. The pedal portion includes a gearbox and both a series and shaft travel for the propeller.

Riding on water

Manta5 promises the Hydrofoiler can be utilized on streams, lakes, and even in the sea with floating wings that relax slightly below the water’s surface. Relating to Manta5, the Hydrofoiler offers two pivot points in leading of the bicycle to stabilize the frame.

A good guiding plate is stated to cut to permit the Hydrofoiler to cut through waves, not drive and over them up.

The common speed, as through Manta5, is 6 knots (11kph / 7mph). The lithium-ion battery includes an IP67 waterproofing and includes an operating time as high as 80 moments.


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