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Royal Mail’s electric-trike trial

Royal Mail, the UK’s main postal-carrier, is defined to trial 8 e-assisted trikes in selected cities from March onwards in a bid to lessen emissions. As the trikes themselves are interesting, I think the significance is a big company illustrating that practical, cycle-powered alternatives to urban transportation exist. The custom-built trikes include a 250w engine, and battery power is usually supplemented by two solar power panels on the roof of the trike’s cargo region. The trikes also feature a huge windscreen that covers the complete front of the bicycle, sheltering posties from the components. The large cargo area of the trikes is designed to mainly carry letters and small packages. Larger parcels it’s still delivered by conventional means, which sadly means you’re not really going to find the next bike delivered by bicycle. Looking at the picture above, the bikes also look like equipped with inbuilt lighting, wing mirrors and disk brakes. Spec details further, which I’m sure you’re all dying to learn, are not yet available.
The six-month trial begins in Stratford, Sutton and Cambridge Coldfield. If the trial is regarded as successful, Royal Mail may increase this program across the UK.


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