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Rayvolt’s beautiful line of steampunk electric bicycles

Rayvolt is a high-quality electric bicycle manufacturer situated in Barcelona. They are celebrating 3 years of procedure today and invited Electrek out to Barcelona to observe their full type of vintage-influenced e-bikes. Despite their youthful age, Rayvolt has built an impressive number of bikes which have been delivered all over the world.

We first learned all about Rayvolt after stumbling upon them at the Paris Motor Show.

The bikes are inspired by way of a classic and almost steampunk style.

rayvolt Ambassador

They have models which range from cruisers to street bikes and also cargo bikes. But they all talk about the same traditional flair with style notes that rely heavily on gorgeous leatherwork and copper accents.

And with a big dealer network spanning European countries, Asia, North America and Africa, North Africa and America, there are currently many happy Rayvolt riders all over the world. In truth, one of the primary complaints from dealers may be the long wait occasions caused by such popular and limited production prices. In addition to the outward beauty, the bikes likewise have some very advanced technology included in them – all produced by Rayvolt’s personal engineers.

rayvolt cruzer
Rayvolt Cruzer

Riders can dial in precise performance specifications from the in-home smartphone app, including from top velocity, power, regenerative braking power and more. An integral gyrosensor increases pedal aid on steeper hills and can also be utilized in the foreseeable future for extra features. Anti-theft monitoring is usually provided by a mixture of GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth and wifi. Once a rider arrives near their stolen bicycle using either GPS or WiFi, they are able to activate Bluetooth and work with a meter indicating the effectiveness of the signal (we.e. range from the bicycle) to determine precisely where in fact the bike is, right down to the right room or garage.

rayvolt beachin

Rayvolt Beachin’

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