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Harley-Davidson acquires maker of e-bikes for kids

Harley-Davidson said it has acquired StaCyc, a company that makes lightweight, battery-electric BMX-style push bikes for kids, as part of its wide-ranging strategy to shore up flagging sales and build a pipeline of future motorcycle enthusiasts and customers.

Terms of the deal were not announced. Temecula, Calif.-based StaCyc — it’s pronounced STAY-sik — will become a Harley subsidiary, with plans for Harley-Davidson-branded versions of the company’s 12- and 16-inch-wheeled eDrive models. They’ll be sold at select Harley-Davidson dealerships starting in the third quarter.

Harley-Davidson StaCyc eDrive

Harley has been focused on bringing new customers to the brand to replace its core base of aging baby boomers. Last summer it unveiled three concept bikes based on a modular middleweight platform, all headed for production in 2020, along with plans to launch its LiveWire electric-powered bikes starting this fall.

The StaCyc eDrive bikes rely on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that boasts a 30- to 60-minute run time, depending on usage and terrain, and recharges in 45 to 60 minutes. There are three power modes — training, at 5 mph; a medium or standard mode, which goes 7.5 mph; or advanced mode at 11 mph. They feature a twist throttle, an aluminum frame, composite wheels with pneumatic tires and a BMX-style fork and freewheel. The 12eDrive costs $649 and weighs 17 pounds, including the battery, while the 16eDrive goes for $699 and clocks in at 19 lbs. They’re targeted at kids as old as 7, or up to 75 pounds.

StaCyc-branded eDrive models will continue being sold through the company’s existing distribution network, which already includes 29 Harley showrooms.

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