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E-Bike Concept: Skoda’s new Klement “micromobility” it goes 28 mph and does away with normal pedals and chain

The Skoda Klement has to be seen to be believed, with car-like pivoting pedals and a single-side frame design…

Car firms just loving developing concept bicycles and we’ve seen some corkers over the years. The latest isn’t really a bicycle as you don’t actually pedal it, instead it’s a “micromobility concept” and was developed by Skoda. 

“This two-wheel concept was designed to cater for young people who are looking for a sustainable alternative to a car and who expect it to be easy to use, fun, as well as faster and more convenient than a conventional bicycle,” explains Skoda in its press release.

The most curious design aspect is that instead of pedals, it has car-like pivoting pedals for the accelerator and brakes to control the 4 kW hub motor and 1,250 Wh Li-ion battery, which combine to apparently offer a top speed of 45km/h and a 60 km range. Is it still a bicycle if you can’t pedal it? It appears to be more akin to an e-scooter or e-motorbike than an e-bicycle, in our humble opinion. 

It’s made with an aluminium frame featuring a single-side frame design and a beam dropping down to the go and stop pedals. Of course it’s a smart bike as well, with daytime running lights, indicators and a cradle to nest your smartphone which you can use to monitor the battery and navigate your way to wherever you’re going. Just like a car it has cruise control, hill hold, heated seats and grips and ABS disc brakes, so you can go about your day in comfort and control.

Guido Haak, Head of Product Management at ŠKODA AUTO, said, “Micromobility is becoming increasingly important in cities. By presenting the KLEMENT at the Geneva Motor Show, we are showcasing our vision for the future of micromobility: sustainable, innovative, electric and with a pure, modern design. The KLEMENT is a state-of-the-art, dynamic and easy-to-use vehicle, and allows the ŠKODA brand to further appeal to a younger target group with a heightened sense of environmental awareness. The concept is perfectly aligned with our customers and our eMobility Strategy. We are therefore assessing whether, and how, this exciting, new mobility concept can be added to our portfolio in the future.”

Did you also know that Skoda started out making bicycles in 1895? Well, you do now!

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