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A new longtail cargobike: Mongoose Envoy


If I find a new ebike that I think our readers would be interested in, I check to see what information is available about it. First, I want to see if there is even enough info available to make it worth writing about, but also…to see if other web-magazines have already written about a given model. I have a full-time job, so why spend some of my spare time writing about something that already has ten articles about it out there?

So…I’m writing about this new cargo-bike because it is the most affordable longtail cargo-bike to add a kit to.

The 2019 Mongoose Envoy. Kickstands with two legs are awesome!.

Kits are selling well, but there is a surprising lack of advertising about them (compared to the media push for factory ebikes). For me, there are two huge benefits to a kit. First, they allow you to choose the bike frame in a style and size that fits you, and which also fits the job you plan to give your ebike (most factory ebikes have a limited selection of frames). Secondly, using a kit can save a builder a LOT of money, along with providing a much higher amount of performance (the vast majority of factory ebikes are expensive and weak).

So, you’ve decided to get a kit (my most-ridden ebike uses a stealthy 52V BBSHD kit @ 1500W, from Luna Cycles in Southern California), and now…you need to choose a frame to put it on. If you like off-road riding, then obviously, you’ll choose a full suspension frame for taking jumps (although many off-roaders still like a hard-tail downhill frame with a long-suspension fork). Many ebikes ride on streets (like me), and I don’t really like to go super fast. I often cruise at 20-MPH and sometimes peak at 30-MPH to avoid getting killed by a 3,000-lb car with a texting driver.

My medium-speeds and my upright posture means that I don’t really “need” a suspension fork, but I do have 3-inch mid-fat tires and a suspension seat-post, to smooth things out. The aluminum-frame Electra Lux Fat 7D that I often ride is a stretch cruiser, but…it is about $700, and the new Envoy is only about $500.

The Specs

There are dozens of specifications about this particular model, but only a few that I feel are important to us. The frame is aluminum to save weight, and many customers appreciate that kind of thing when we’re talking about a bike-frame that’s this large. The fork is made of steel for strength, and this frame comes in two sizes.

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