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Easily and cheaply convert your bike into an e-bike with Revos

The Revos can be an affordable e- bicycle conversion kit that may fit most bikes could be fitted in the home in about around 30 minutes and weighs therefore small that you could happily trip without it being run up.
Unlike most electric motor conversion kits, which create an electric motor at a center, the Revos instead runs on the driven roller that wedges between a frame seat stay and back wheel.

A magnetic messfühler positioned at the cassette after that determines precisely when and just how much power is sapped from its bottle cage-mounted 100Wh or 209Wh battery power. This kind of powers the roller, which usually turns straight against the bike’s back tire and your pedal assistance best up to the UK’s limit of 15. 5mph / 25km/h.

The beauty of the machine is that it includes just three primary components: the drive unit, pedal aid sensor and the electric battery. Its design also implies that it could be suited to most bikes within a few minutes using just a handful of equipment and some cable ties. There’s no controller at the handlebar to worry about also, and switching assistance with an off requires only hook backpedal at the crank.

revos e-bike ile ilgili görsel sonucu

It’s particularly light – simply 2kg / 4 also. 4lbs for small electric battery choice, or 2. 5kg / 5. 5 pounds for the larger 209Wh battery power. Once converted, your bicycle will be best for around 15-40km of riding, based on how big is the battery pack going for. That’s barely a class-leading range, but Revos is usually assured that, with the UK’s typical cycle trip enduring just a little over three kilometers, it’s a variety that will be enough for the majority of its clients.

Should you finish up with a set battery then your Li-ion cellular can become charged to 80 percent in only one hour, and will be completely charged within two hours, but in the event that you can’t reach a charging stage then your roller of the drive device could be manually retracted with an Allen essential to eliminate any drag from the bike’s drivetrain.
The Revos will not fit every bicycle but actually will fit most. To create this work you’ll need space for at least a 50mm by 50mm space between your chair tube and rear steering wheel of the bicycle it’s becoming fitted to. The roller must work against a comparatively slick tire, therefore a knobbly tire would need to end up being switched out.

revos e-bike ile ilgili görsel sonucu

The Revos may be the work of father and son duo Tag and Hugo Palmer, who began the project back 06\ and have since remaining their particular careers to devote all their time to obtaining the Revos to mass production. Listed on Kickstarter now, the Revos has reached a lot more than 50 percent of its funding objective, which should visit a production version designed for September of this year.


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