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You absolutely love this old-school VW Bug powered by Tesla !

Among the coolest electric powered conversions we’ve ever seen, an old-college VW Bug powered by Tesla batteries has been given away for an excellent trigger. Zelectric, a California-based organization specializing in electric transformation, has equipped a 1958 VW Bug with their transformation kit, including a powerful motor and Tesla electric battery modules. The Tesla-powered old-school VW Bug has been distributed through Omaze with the proceeds likely to the Planetary Culture, a nonprofit co-founded by Carl Sagan now led by CEO Expenses Nye to market space science and exploration. You can purchase probabilities to win the electric car in a drawing beginning at only $10.

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They describe the vehicle:

“An iconic car from 1958 that is now powered by the future of tech, an electric motor and Tesla batteries. You’ll cruise the streets showing off the fully restored classic design on the outside—whitewall tires, chrome accents and a fresh anthracite paint job.”

Zelectric places a little 102 HP electric engine, but it’s nearly 3 x more effective than the initial engine and makes the fairly light vehicle sort of zippy. The machine helped create vehicles just like the Tesla-powered Honda Accord ‘Teslonda’, which can release from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. Some automakers are even beginning to consider restoring their classic automobiles and convert them to electric powered powertrains simultaneously. Last year, Jaguar verified the production of an all-electrical version of the E-type with a conversion kit while Aston Martin stated that it’ll offer electrical conversions of its traditional cars. Hopefully, it’s most likely going to popularize electrical conversions of classic vehicles and now you may also have an opportunity to own a Tesla-driven old-school VW Bug.


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