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ZHIDOU will Produce Electric Car for South Korean

ZHIDOU, a subsidiary of Geely, has become the new energy vehicle (NEV) supplier together with Kia and GM, according to the latest procurement announcement by the procurement department of South Korean government.

It is said that ZHIDOU gained a procurement quota of 1,000 units. As China’s first NEV maker who gained the subsidies from South Korean government, the deal marked great success of ZHIDOU’s expansion in South Korean market.

In recent years, the rapid growth of Chinese NEV enterprises has made “China Model” the study object of many mainstream NEV markets. ZHIDOU, a representative of China’s EV market, put forward a concept of “micro mobility”. As it expands its overseas presence, the concept of “micro mobility” was also widely accepted by the developed countries with strong auto industry.

It is said that the batch of the ZHIDOU D2 that purchased by South Korean government will be applied in Korean’s various public service areas, including the postal system. The application of EVs will help the country to purify environment, improve the work efficiency of the public institutes and also promote the popularity of EVs in South Korea.

The ZHIDOU D2 is a three-door mini electric car with world-leading technologies and low fuel consumption. Moreover, Zhidou, an EV brand that targets the international EV markets, has delivered its EV models in 20 countries like Germany and Italy.

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